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Over the past few days, Sony has quietly slipped two new teaser clips onto the Internet that are produced in the same vein as last year’s Michael teaser, which instantly stirred excitement across the industry with its release. If you somehow missed the Michael short, you can find it right through here and you’ll find that it’s packed to the brim with a massive cast of famous PlayStation characters, and we know today that it was teasing the upcoming release of SuperBot Entertainment’s PlayStation exclusive brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3/PS Vita).

We’ve already dissected these two videos and gathered our thoughts on what’s (possibly) being teased here, but instead of simply telling you everything that’s hidden in plain view (if you look closely) here, we want to see what you can find hidden in these two teasers below; it’s always possible that you can find something that we’ve missed. So grab your magnifying glasses, because it’s time to put in some detective work here today at Digitally Downloaded.
The Reload

The Arrival

Now that your work is done – what did you find? Let us know in the Comments Section below. 

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  • Yeah, these are probably a teaser to some live-action commercial for PS All-Stars. Anything else would just be too unexpected. =P

    I do have to say, Sony has the most interesting commercials/advertising for its products out of the big three console makers.

  • I've ripped them both apart and I (sadly) have to agree with you. I was hoping that it was a tease for a new unannounced title.

    After dissecting The Reload, I really thought it was a teaser for the rumoured PS Vita version of inFAMOUS, but the only things that didn't fit is the Ape Escape tease, as well as the pistol. The Arrival is definitely not teasing a new inFAMOUS title!

  • Yeah, from what I can tell, The Reload clearly hints at inFamous while The Arrival clearly hints at Uncharted. Also, from what else I gathered, it appears that the teasers have teases of their own for the next teaser (wrap your head around that sentence =P). The Uzi/pistol in The Reload may have been a reference to the weaponry in Uncharted and it appears that the letter the woman was typing in The Arrival has something to do with Ratchet and Clank.

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