Tiny Troopers gets a lil’ update

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The Steam version (Mac and PC) of Tiny Troopers gets an update including a ‘WASD’ control option.

Iceberg Interactive and developer Kukouri Mobile announced last week that the game would be receiving the new control scheme after hearing a sizable amount of feedback form players. Nice to know some companies actually do listen to the guys and gals who actually play the games, no?

“We’re tuning in to what is going on in the Tiny Troopers community, which, to our surprise, was really keen on getting WASD controls as an option, so we have added this feature,” said Kukouri CEO Kim Soares.  “We will keep on adding stuff to the game meanwhile, with additional DLC coming next month!”

Aside from the new controls, the game also got a little love in the balancing department (the speed boost was a nice touch) and some fixes here and there.

Update notes from Kukouri:
  • Added WASD control option
  • Some missions are more balanced
  • Decreased mine damage
  • Increased trooper movement speed
  • Fixed crash bug
You can grab the Steam version (which is available for both Mac and PC) right here for $9.99 USD

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