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Hell Yeah! is a game, you see. About a vengeful (and dead) rabbit. He’d probably fit right in on the roster of the original Marvel vs Capcom, which smashes the download service this week as well.

Marvel vs Capcom, now subtitled Origins, was one of my favorite fighting games for a long time. The choice of characters and uncluttered beauty of the fighting engine was just pure magic. Personally, I can’t wait to dive back in.

That’s not the only Marvel goodness on Live this week either. The Deal of the Week this week is a whole load of comic book related DLC including several Arcade titles like X-Men Arcade and Marvel vs Capcom 2 (it’s a good time to be an MvC fan).

Not into Marvel Comics? (Shame on you- and also…) You might like Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. This absolutely beautiful looking side-scroller is a visceral blast-fest loaded with “full frontal violence”. Did I say it was beautiful?



Deals of the Week

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  • I think it's the same as Zen 2- I remember hearing that somewhere but I have no idea why that'd be the case. I mean, why not just call it Zen Pinball 2?

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