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Without doubt Nier is my favourite JRPG this generation. Everything about the game – the plot, the music, the visual style and the gameplay variety all gelled with me in a way that most people missed, judging from the less-than-stellar reviews and weak sales.

If you haven’t played it yet, it should be quite cheap to pick up a copy, and it’s a game that I think anyone with a PS3 should try (there’s also an Xbox 360 version, but I haven’t tested that). There’s every chance you won’t like it either, but there is the possibility that it will ‘click’ for you the way it did for me, and then you’ll not have missed an unforgettable game.

In the meantime, enjoy the video!

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  • Monster Hunter! The BEST! Other than seeing it pop up on a few Amazon searches for cheap PS3 games before, I had only glanced over it before. This was the first I actually saw of any game-play from it.

    Being that I'm getting a nice HUGE backlog built up, and I don't play RPGs (JRPGS, any of them really) very much, I doubt it'll make my list at this point; never know though, might spot it in the bargain bin one day or a B2G1 offer somewhere and not just skim over it.

  • There is some "Monster Hunter" about this game – it's not as difficult, but I do suggest Monster Hunter fans pick it up, as it plays (IMO) a bit like a JRPG-ified Monster Hunter game.

    I know what you mean about backlogs, but still, I recommend this one over any of the others… if nothing else it's the most unique JRPG I played this gen.

  • The only difference is I could beat that one. I still can't solo any of the Monster Hunter Tri beasties, not even Great Jaggi.

    Yes, this saddens me too 🙁

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