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The industry vets at Cinemaware (they’ve been making games since the Amiga) have just launched a Kickstarter to send their classic title Wings soaring through the digital skies once more.

Dubbed ‘Wings: Director’s Cut’, this new version of the game would be a total remake complete with new graphics and sound. The company doesn’t plan on stopping there though; they’ll also be adding new story elements, enhanced animation and sound, and some brand new missions to the game.

“ATTEN-TION! On your feet, gentlemen! Support the 56th – buy Wings pledges on Kickstarter and dash that bloody bastard Kaiser Bill to pieces where he stands!” ordered Colonel Farrah, spokesperson for Cinemaware. “No food, no rest, no sleep, men wounded and dead, poisonous gas, machine guns, shrapnel, a continuous barrage of a thousand cannons you say? Well stuff it ya bleedin’ ninnies! Just go out there and do as Waldo P. Barnstormer of the 56th Aerosquadron: win this bloody battle in the skies or die trying! Help him and his lads back in the cockpit for king, god and country! Give the Boche a good boot in the arse to remember you by! And in the doing, one of the most positively ripping games ever made will endure…”

The original Wings…

…and the remake.

There are a bunch of different pledge levels for those that’d like a hand in reviving a classic including one where you can actually take a spin in a real WW1 era bi-plane. True, that level will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s also just plain awesome.

Click here to check the campaign out or join up.

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