The Xbox Live update is Blitz-ed *Updated

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Rock Band Blitz (RRB) headlines this week’s show on Xbox Live, but forget the plastic guitars because this isn’t the Rock Band that you’re used to.

RBB is a throwback in a lot of ways. The game uses the controller instead of the familiar guitar, drums, and bass ‘instruments’ that we all associate with the rhythm genre these days. It’s also a single player (at a time) affair and puts “a full band into your hands”.

Rock Band Blitz is also compatible with over 3,500 tracks from the main Rock Band library. So if you’re a player of any of the other entries in the series, you’re in luck. In another nice little bonus, the 20 songs that the game includes are exportable into Rock Band 3. Pretty cool. Blitz is getting a lot of positive press, so it might just be one to watch.

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan also posted this week. This latest single player expansion to the massively successful end of the Mass Effect trilogy takes the N7 crew to mysterious depths to seek out an ancient intelligence.

Other stuff posting/updating this week include a pretty solid sale on Assassin’s Creed downloads and a demo for Modern Warfare 3. Yes. You heard me… well, you actually read me- but you get the idea.

*Update* In a move that I can only describe as ‘WTF’, I completely forgot about the surprise inclusion of The Walking Dead episode 3- The Long Road in this week’s update.



Assassin’s Creed Revelations sale

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