Command & Conquer passes one million players

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EA’s browser based Tiberium Alliance has officially passed one million players after only a tad over two months. How’s the publisher celebrating? By giving stuff away of course!

All you need to do is log into your account between now and July 20th (or create one if you haven’t already) and redeem code HMKV-VWGN-8GEH-6BTZ. That entitles you to one free Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliance Starter Pack. And here’s what all you’ll be getting in that:

·         +1 Bonus Package Storage for a 7 day duration
·         One Command Point Supply Crate
·         Four Tiberium Supply Crates from player rank 2-5
·         Four Crystal Supply Crates from player rank 2-5
·         Four Credit Supply Crates from player rank 2-5
·         Four Power Supply Crates from player rank 2-5

Get a nice start (or just a little added edge) in the browser-based MMORTS by clicking here.

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  • Its always sweet to get a free starter pack but for me personally I just cant get into these turn games but I will of course give it another try I always like to try a game again to make sure of how i feel about it

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