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South Korean PSN players are in for a little bit of a dry spell as the service has gone offline in that country- and it has nothing to do with hacking.

Apparently, a new law in SK makes it illegal to ask anyone under 18 account verification questions that include their real name and age. Sounds a little… odd, to put it mildly, but there you go.

Since the law just went into effect (and Sony was reportedly unprepared for it) there’s no plan in place at the moment. And that means that there’s no PSN Store at the moment either. Multiplayer gaming is still allowed, but anything having to do with the PSN’s storefront itself is nixed for the foreseeable future.

No word yet on whether or not Microsoft and Nintendo will be affected at all (for now, they seem to be okay) and, oddly enough, the PSP and PSV’s online stores are just fine. Sony hopes to have the PS3’s game shop back up sometime this year.


Source: joystiq

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