Magic 2013 hits Xbox Live this week with a deck full of card battling action along with some new Marvel pinball and a blue blur of a sale.

It never ceases to amaze me how much people still like games like Magic 2013. Based on maybe the most popular card game on the planet, Magic the Gathering, Magic 2013 updates the game with new items and multiplayer modes. It’s not for me, but this is gonna make somebody’s week.

One thing that doesn’t shock me at all is that Zen Pinball keeps pumping out Marvel themed add-ons to it’s FX 2 pinball platform. The developer created a super fun engine (maybe even better than the real thing) and designed some of the most entertaining tables I’ve ever seen around it. Most of their stuff (like pretty much all of the Marvel tables) are pure gold and The Avengers Chronicles Table Pack, out this week, should be no exception.

And finally, if you’re a Sonic the Hedgehog fan- get ready because there’s a seriously good sale event this week on XBL. A select few of the lil’ guy’s top offerings are half price until the 25th. And that includes Sonic CD and Adventure.


  • Magic 2013 – 800mspts — The duels of the Plainswalkers live on in the newest revision of the card battling classic.



Deals of the Week

Hmmmm… do people still play YuGiOh?

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  • Uh oh. Here we go again. Every year with those Magic games I get hooked in and lose a couple of weeks of my life.

    This year it's coming out on iPad too, though, and I think that'll be the one I go with.

  • I never did get into them, but I remember a constant game going on at my local comic shop in the '90s. That table always had at least two or three games happening at any given time.

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