Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow

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It was only a few weeks ago when Nintendo held a pre-E3 Nintendo Direct conference to showcase some of the Wii U’s features prior to the actual conference. Even so, another event has been announced for tomorrow, which will feature news on upcoming Nintendo titles.

The live stream will be shown at 12:00pm in Tokyo time. If you’re not sure what that converts to in your area of residence, here’s a handy list containing many hourly equivalents elsewhere. The show will run for approximately an hour.

Before you get your hopes up for a Wii U price and release date, it was confirmed that the conference will only feature news for the Wii and 3DS, not the Wii U. Additionally, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have not yet announced any intentions of holding their own live streams, so these may or may not turn out to be Japan-exclusive details.

As always, you can expect to see the highlights of the event covered here if any intriguing details pop up regarding the digital sector of things.

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  • I get the feeling that the Wii's show block will feature Nintendo apologizing to everyone about releasing the Wii, then they'll bury the shunned console at the bottom of the ocean and give us all partial refunds. Oh, and maybe also give us info about Dragon Quest X.

  • Maybe a few more games for the Wii before they officially call it dead. Actually I wouldn't care if they didn't release any retail games if they would:

    1) Keep the VC titles coming. There has to be plenty out there for release.
    2) Stop removing games. (not sure how much control they have over that)

    And since Coffee hasn't commented yet: it surely has to be related to a 3DS lite/redesign… ;p

  • I don't know about the apology for the Wii :P, but Dragon Quest X info? Yes please. I have desperate hope that it gets released in the West.

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