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Have you gotten sick of video game Kickstarter projects? If the answer is yes, than you are in tough luck. It appears that video game Kickstarter projects are here to stay for good. If the answer is no, then here’s another one for you to throw money at through your pixelated computer screens.

Let me introduce Cloudberry Kingdom, an infinite, randomly-generated platformer that’s created and play-tested by an AI. Created by a team of four who collectively call themselves Pwnee Studios, the game is a paltformer with six difficulty options, five of which are known; “Easy” for those that really like their thumbs, “Unpleasant” for Mario veterans, “Abusive” for those that default to hard mode, “Hardcore” for those that found Super Meat Boy fun, and “Masochistic” for those that wanna be The Guy. Below is the trailer:
The trailer also shows off some cool features, such as a co-op bungee a “Wheelie” mode, and an option to have a cardboard box with a rocket attachment. The game is also planned to have some cutscenes, a few bosses (according to the tease at the end of the Kickstarter video), and update its current animations, but those additions will only occur if the Kickstarter gets funded.
Here’s where the good news starts to stop; currently, only about $5,000 of the needed $20,000 has been pledged and there’s only two weeks left before the Kickstarter reaches its ending date. Considering that this project was basically unknown by the internet at large until yesterday, it is a safe bet to say that this game will not get the funding that it will need. There has also been a bit of Kickstarter fatigue among the gaming community, especially after the explosion of video game Kickstarter projects, some of which were questionable and outright lies. It is a shame too, considering that unlike those questionable projects this one has proof that it could become more than funds for a distant possibility of a good game or disguised vacation money. Hopefully the internet will prove me wrong and this game will get funded with all of its lasers and fireballs thrown at us for our enjoyment.

EDIT: For those wondering why the Wii U and Steam tags are included, according to Pwnee Studios’ blog they plan to release the game on Steam in September and for Wii U in December, both of this year. Considering that these dates are very close and already semi-set, the question of whether the game being released relies on this Kickstarter project is questionable.

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