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A good space based RTS fans take note- Headup’s Stellar Impact is now available (with requisite DLC) on Steam.

I can’t recall playing a good fleet commanding real time strategy game since the days of Homeworld and Armada, so I’m actually pretty stoked to see Stellar Armada. According to the developer, SI demands “clever maneuvering and a tactical way of thinking”. It’s also supposed to riff off the classic Defense of the Ancients formula. *fingers crossed*

Stellar Impact is available in a no frills ‘core’ version as well as a ‘complete bundle’ that includes all the DLC ships that are available at the moment. And that expanded fleet actually sounds (and looks) pretty cool. And am I picking up a serious Battlestar vibe or am I crazy?

Fast and maneuverable, the corvette enables its personnel to acquire excellent control over the map and objectives. This class of ship is also used to launch blazing, swift attacks on larger ships.

A light ship specialized in reconnaissance operations, the frigate has an excellent radar range. Its purpose is to escort larger ships, or to infiltrate enemy lines in order to run reconnaissance tasks and launch lethal attacks on enemy forces where they least expect it.

The destroyer is an extremely powerful, mid-sized ship. It can be used to hunt down lighter ships or annihilate large ships.

The cruiser is a behemoth designed to take phenomenal amounts of damage. Its purpose is to guard allied ships placed under its protection. Cruisers also form the front firing line during attacks launched on bases.

The dreadnought is a command ship, the pillar that supports all coordinated attacks. Its purpose is to support allied ships; it optimizes their firepower by granting them a number of bonuses.

The artillery ship is able to provide great fire support during long-range engagements. It is also very good for weakening tight formations of enemy ships. The weak point of the artillery ship is close engagements.

The support ship is specialized in deploying support structures. This ship allows you to reinforce your map control by placing fortified positions.

The carrier is a heavy ship acting as a mobile base to deploy squadrons. Its various squadrons grant it many tactical options during long range combat.

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