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While I found The Binding Of Isaac to be a mildly entertaining experience, I’ve heard of people being able to get 30 hours out of the game and still be entertained on their next playthrough. Admittedly, the game has enough content to justify such playtime; randomly generated dungeons and dozens of bosses and upgrades make the game so that it will be a long while before the player can see everything the game has to offer. And in three weeks that content is about to almost double.

On May 28th, the expansion called “Wrath Of The Lamb” is to released, which includes 100 new upgrades/items, five new chapters, 15 new bosses, and 25 new achievements (apparently Wrath Of The Lamb will only be available on Steam). The going price is $3 USD, which is a pretty awesome deal in my book. Below is a trailer for the expansion, but whoever made this trailer forgot a tiny, somewhat unimportant detail; they didn’t put an epileptic seizure warning at the beginning of the video. And don’t let the first 54 seconds of the trailer fool you; this trailer does contain scenes that could cause epileptic seizures. If you are prone to any, please do not watch this trailer. We really don’t need people suing us.

WARNING: The below video can cause epileptic seizures. This is your last warning.

Below is the full list of additions that Wrath Of The Lamb will make up;
  • 100+ new items! (now over 235 items!)
  • 5+ new chapters!
  • 20+ new enemies!
  • 25 new achievements!
  • 15+ new bosses!
  • 6+ new room types!
  • 6+ new mysterious item drops (eternal hearts, playing cards, dimes and more!)
  • 5+ new music tracks by Danny B
  • A new item type, Trinkets
  • A new challenge mode with 10 unique challenges (that unlock more content)
  • A new unlockable character, Samson (The Beserker)
  • A new final (final) chapter and boss with new endings
  • Tons of new random happenings, curses, blessings, npcs, fortune tellers and more!
  • Also more super secrets than you’d probably expect… good luck finding them all.

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  • That's a killer value, I might have to take the plunge and buy the game once the expansion comes out.  I see Binding of Isaac every once in a while when I log into Steam, seems like it has a pretty strange atmosphere.  I don't get seizures but the flickering lights in the trailer made my eyes uncomfortable haha

  • Hi Rob,

    Yeah, I really do need to give this game a go at some point myself. It's been on my to do list for a while!

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