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Saddened as I was to learn that the upcoming PS Vita version of SMB is not based on the classic Banana Splits cartoon, it still looks like a pretty fun time.

Fun if you like Monkeys rolling around in little plastic balls anyway. In any event, the finished game will feature more than 100 levels- some being cherry picked from throughout the Monkey Ball back library.

It will also feature level editor of sorts. Taking a picture of a surface with the PSV’s camera will allow for mapping of a Monkey Ball course right on top. Snap a shot of a table with some clutter on it and *presto* it becomes a new stage all set for play. It’s a cool idea that I got to play around with way back at the NYCC last October. It wasn’t quite finished at the time, but it had some serious possibilities.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz (from Sega, ‘natch) will also come loaded with 8 mini-games, all the Monkey Ball characters you’d expect, and full tilt control a’la the iOS version. Pop AiAi in a little ball and roll him off a ledge one more time On October 23rd for your Playstation Vita.

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  • Yeah, this series really has gone downhill since the original – which is still one of my favourite Gamecube games. Adding story mode, gimmick controls and all that crap has pulled the focus right away from what the series should be about. 

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