Double Dragon returns in style on XBLA and PSN

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I’ve got a feeling old school DD fans are going to be very happy.

Update: Now with pics & concept art
One of the first big action franchises to come to home consoles from out of the arcades, Billy and Jimmy Lee are about to bust up Xbox Live and the PSN in a big way with Double Dragon: Neon. The best part? It’s from WayForward.

“Double Dragon: Neon is far from a standard retro remake,” said Sean Velasco, Director, WayForward. “It’s WayForward’s love letter to the decade that spawned the franchise – the music, the style, and culture of the 80’s pulse through the nucleus of Double Dragon: Neon. But don’t think this is a simple graphical facelift; with our innovative ‘mix tape’ level up system and power-up high-fives, we pushed it to the limit!”

Known for the beautiful aesthetics and renowned gameplay of A Boy and his Blob, Contra 4, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and BloodRayne: Betrayal, WayForward is applying its focused attention to detail on Double Dragon: Neon. Taking place in a hyper-saturated omniverse, players beat up baddies across earth and beyond against the Black Dragon Clan’s most nefarious leader yet– the supernatural scourge Skullmageddon. You could go it alone, but why wouldn’t you want to grab a buddy and take your game to the next level with drop-in, drop-out online ‘Bro-Op’?!

I’m sorry, did that say ‘Bro-Op’? For that alone, I want to play Neon. If you’re dying to get your mitts on Abobo one more time, and you’re going to be at PAX East this week, you might want to stop by booth 808. That’s where publisher Majesco will be showing the game off in all it’s retro glory- and in playable demo form no less. 

Can’t make it to the event? Then you’ll just have to wait for ‘Summer’ like the rest of us.

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