Max Payne goes mobile

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They say you can’t keep a good game down. But Max Payne wasn’t just any good game- it was a real classic, a great of the genre… and now it’s back.

Rockstar Games usually delivers Max’s noire drenched adventures in small doses like a leaky faucet dripping into the sink. But now on the eve of the third game in the series, the publisher has decided to let the original Max Payne out of the cage one more time… and on the iOS of all places. Sure Max can handle a room full of thugs and goons, but a touch interface? Wasting a man with a tap, a swipe, and a virtual stick isn’t an easy task.

Still, if anyone’s up to the task of getting the title to work on the mobile platform- it’s probably Rockstar. For their part, they promise “The full classic Max Payne PC experience” That’s a lot to deliver on, a check their press release has written out that might just be more than they can cash.
And what’s this? Social Club connectivity too? …All that and HD graphics, hi-res textures, and a fully customisable control suite as the cherry on top. Makes you wonder… wonder what’ll happen on the 12th of this month when the game debuts on the App Store as a Universal App for iOS… and then they’ve gotta go and repeat the task on the 26th as the Android version rears it’s head.
It could be too much, it could be a one way trip to palookaville for the ‘Stars… but probably not. This plucky little company has too much fight to go down that easy and so does ol’ Max… Now where’s my fedora?

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