Defend some Dungeons on the Mac

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Sporting cross-play features, the popular action/RPG/tower defence title is available via Steam for Apple users. And to celebrate- it’s on sale.

We’re talking a double header of discount here. If you just feel like trying the game out, then a Steam Free Weekend would probably hit the nail on the head for you. Want to pick up the game in all it’s glory? It’s 50% off (DLC too) now through 1pm Sunday (PST) on Valve’s network.

To celebrate, Dungeon Defenders is this week’s Steam Free Weekend game! Download and play for free from today, Thursday the 15th of March, through 1pm PST Sunday, the 18th. During that weekend, players can choose to purchase the game and its DLC* for 50% off!

The latest chapter of Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards, Part II: Moraggo, is available now on PC & Mac and will be released April 10/11 on XBLA/PSN! In this installment, our heroes find themselves in the desert town of Moraggo, on their way to find the lost Eternia Shards and rescue their parents!

This new part of the Eternia Shards saga features two brand new missions, the new Djinn enemy, the Genie King Boss, brand new items, a new familiar, a new PvP map and more. PC players will also get the Desert Princess Adept outfit and, even better, the “Oasis Uber Monster Fest” 8-player co-op challenge.

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  • Everybody who likes fun games needs a version of this somewhere. I've got the PSN version – anyone up for some multiplayer?

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