Portal 2 Includes Cross-Platform Play and Chat

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Months ago there was a rumour that Portal 2 for the PS3 would include Steam integration, but any news outside of that little bit of info has not been forthcoming.

Today we find out just what Valve has been up to, and if it really is putting the PS3 version of Portal 2 above the other consoles. PS3 fans might want to sit down for this one, especially if you’re a Portal fanatic as well (brown paper bags really helped with the hyperventilation).
The PS3 version of Portal 2 packs cross-platform play and chat with PC and Mac. If that isn’t enough already, it will also include a free SteamPlay version for PC and Mac, and all include cloud-based saved game storage.
What is more exciting: finally getting Portal 2, or logging into Steam through our PS3? Either way, all of this is just great news, and we can’t wait to get out hands on Portal 2 in late April this year. We are also happy to announce that prior to the release of Portal 2, we are going to be dropping a hype review for the original Portal (Steam version) here on Digitally Downloaded.

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