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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Death End re;Quest 2: Why I love this game

Video by Matt S.

The sequel to Death End re;Quest 2 is a game that I have been looking forward to a great deal. The original was an amazing mix of high-tension thriller and fanservicey JRPG, and this new game looked like it would be upping the odds on either side.

The results didn't disappoint on any level. This game is a darker and more violent horror, and a more refined JRPG. It's a blend of elegant combat systems and quality visual novel segments, and it's quite gorgeous.

Be sure to check out my review for my in-depth thoughts, but in this video I take a look at why I have enjoyed this fledgling series so much, and why it's a great sign for Idea Factory that they seem to be able to turn it into a property.

- Matt S. 
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Death End re;Quest 2: Why I love this game
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