Samurai Warriors 4 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition exclusive to PS4


News by Jedediah H. For you fortunate women and men among us who’ve taken the loyal initiative, gambolled into the electronics department of a local conglomerate or mom-and-pop shop, and thoughtfully (or thoughtlessly, depending on your priorities and financial situation) purchased, with an irresistible voice that was a combination of…

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Romanticise death in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King DLC


News by Jedediah H. Most people in developed cultures don’t acknowledge death as a prospect. The thought of one day losing our existence, our accidental privilege to experience worldly occurrences through our tailored perspective, terrifies the optimism right out of our trembling vertebrae. And because of this fear, we avoid…

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate adds even more characters to its versatile roster


News by Jedediah H. Until the release of Dynasty Warriors 8, Warriors Orochi 3 was my all-around favourite Warriors title. Because of the 120+ characters, which included my BFF Ryu Hayabusa, and a story free from the restraints of the Three Kingdoms’ narrative that allowed said characters from the Dynasty…

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