Review: Blue Reflection: Second Light (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Matt S. Blue Reflection was such an unfortunately misunderstood game that I never thought we’d get a sequel. It told a heartfelt and wonderfully romantic story of coming of age and companionship between girls. Of acceptance and solidarity. Of dreams lost and social responsibility. Backed with character design…

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The man behind the Blue Reflection series: the most beautiful games of all


Mel Kishida wants his career to be defined by his work on the Blue Reflection series. If you remove this particular series, he’s still an enormously accomplished artist, but Blue Reflection in particular is something that he is deeply and personally involved with. Related reading: My preview of the upcoming…

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Blue Reflection: Second Light is going to be the most beautiful, wholesome game of all


News by Matt S. Overnight, Koei Tecmo in Japan dropped a bunch of new screenshots and a trailer for the upcoming Blue Reflection: Second Light. The first Blue Reflection still being the most beautiful game of all, as far as I’m concerned (as in art direction and aesthetics – yes,…

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