Review: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Matt S.  It’s almost impossible to find good quality information about the Middle East out here in the west. Whether it’s a look at the historical context of the Middle East, or a contemporary view of the volatile region, it’s nearly impossible to break through propaganda and ideology…

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The 100 canonical games: 40-31


There are thousands upon thousands of games that have been released over the years. Narrowing them down to a “top 100” was always going to be a challenge, but the whole DDNet team has come together to build a list of the 100 most canonical games that we feel all…

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The best ten games from the first half of 2016


List by Matt S.  So, the first half of the year is now done. And, to be honest, it has been one of the best starts to a year for games that we’ve ever seen. From the most niche of Japanese otaku games, through to the biggest blockbusters you can…

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Review: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)


Review by Nick H.  iNK Stories has, in 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, created a narrative exploration of the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which provides insight on the events that transpired by giving players the opportunity to live through them. And it is such an important game. Everyone should play it.…

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