Wager your body parts when White Owl Inc.’s Death Game Hotel launches next month

SWERY plus VR should be interesting!

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The key art for Death Game Hotel.

While Owls Inc., SWERY’s development studio, is best known for titles like Deadly Premonition and The Good Life. Its next title is Death Game Hotel, where you wager your body parts during high-stakes gambling. It is the company’s first VR title, promising to combine the VR’s immersive capabilities with a unique gaming premise. But the experience filled with luxury, strategy, and danger isn’t just a game: it is a battle for glory! (And fortune! Never forget fortune!) Death Game Hotel will be launched for Meta Quest in July.

Death Game Hotel is an online multiplayer game that features high tension (better described as “mortal”) battles, realistic impressions, and luxe environments. Players bet with chips, sure, but also with body parts (eyes, ears, mouth, hands). If you win, watch your opponents get parts chopped off! If you lose… well… you know what will happen. Once you check in to Death Game Hotel, you may not want to check out…

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Multiplayer mode has players creating their own death games and fighting against people from around the world, friends and strangers alike. Despite being a multiplayer game, there is a single player mode that has you accidentally accepting an invitation to participate in Death Game 2000; you’ll fight to the death versus quirky opponents.

There are three games to play. Kind of? I’ll explain.

Goblet of the Reaper has players taking turns at placing tiles into a blood-filled goblet while preventing it from overflowing. The person to get rid of their tiles first wins. When the goblet overflows, one Reaper candle goes out; when they all go out, the Reaper appears and everyone has to bet their lives on the match.

Death Poker adds a special death suit to the standard deck of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Death is the strongest card but you’re screwed if you can’t create a hand with any you have.

A screenshot from Death Game Hotel.

Cheat System encourages cheating, if it isn’t obvious. Play either of the other two games but with added cheat items that are unique to the VR experience. In Goblet of the Reaper, learn how to prevent to goblet from overflowing and calculate how many tiles it will take to get there. In Death Poker, switch cards in and out of your hand; you can also peek at the card that will be drawn next.

“Death Game Hotel is White Owls’ first VR production,” explains Hidetaka ‘SWERY’ Suehiro in a press release. “After 2020, we all came to understand the importance and value of human connections. As the way we connect evolves, we wanted to create a space where everyone can come together, anytime, from anywhere. We hope you’ll connect with us.”

Developed and published by White Owls Inc., Death Game Hotel will be released for Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro on July 11.

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