Experience a cinematic journey through animation and magic in puzzle platformer Nanuka: Secret of the Shattering Moon

There's beauty in mixing cultures.

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A screenshot of Nanuka doing a starfish jump in Nanuka: Secret of the Shattering Moon.

Developer OutOfTheBit definitely has experience with cinematic puzzle platformers: Full Void was all about handcrafted 2D art, innovative mechanics, and atmospheric storytelling. OutOfTheBit is taking on that genre again with Nanuka: Secret of the Shattering Moon. Announced today, the game promises to fuse handcrafted animations, engaging combat, and magical adventure. This is all set in a believably fantastical world. It is set to launch in early 2025.

Nanuka’s journey in a world inspired by the Sicilian landscape begins on an island. It seems peaceful and picturesque until a tale of magical abilities and a looming disaster reveals itself. It’s up to Nanuka to prevent the threat at hand. As the story progresses, importance is placed on the acceptance of diverse races and beliefs.

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Teenaged Nanuka is trained in the karate, proudly wearing her purple belt. She is the perfect everyday hero, showing courage while facing the dangers ahead. Gameplay-wise, expect combat mechanics that allow players to navigate challenges comprised of martial arts and environment puzzle.

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The game takes place through a multitude of different regions. Each has its own environmental and architectural influences. Enemies will try to block the path forward while allies will come to your aid.

“At OutOfTheBit, we believe in the power of storytelling through games,” says studio director Ali Motisi in a press release. “While Full Void explored the depths of isolation, with Nanuka: Secret of the Shattering Moon, we have another story to tell. A story that revolves around the themes of multiculturalism, the strength found in diversity and the beauty of mixing cultures.”

Developed and published by OutOfTheBit, Nanuka: Secret of the Shattering Moon will be released for PC via Steam in April 2025.

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