Card-based roguelike RPG Dark Lord announced for PC

Fate, as they say, is in your hands.

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Artwork for Dark Lord. In the background is a castle's turret. In the foreground are a person with an iron helmet/mask, a three-headed dog, a dragon from the neck up, and a woman with long hair and scales for skin.

There have been some really solid card-based video games released in recent years, including the Voice of Cards trilogy. It’s definitely a genre to keep an eye on. Today, Undead Fox and LTG Publishing announced new narrative card-based roguelike RPG Dark Lord. Coming to PC, it is an adventure-driven story about an enigmatic Dark Lord developing and ruling over the land. Players will have to make decisions and face the consequences. Choose to rule with an iron fist, use your cunning to survive, fortify borders, or try to strike the perfect balance between politics and military.

As Dark Lord, players will steer a realm of eccentric characters and convoluted plots. Watch on as chaos reigns. Cultivate territories, manage cunning advisors, mastermind conspiracies, and tackle quests. The game promises to be filled with dark and witty humour, so expect to face challenges head-on while sporting a wicked grin.

Player choices have tremendous weight and dictate where the narrative goes next. Craft a tale unique to your reign, complete with everything from outsmarting assassins to navigating interactions with wise advisors. Challenging trials and complex tasks lay ahead. Fate is in your hands.

Not all battles are won with strength, so strike a delicate balance between military might and political intrigue. Make sure any one advisor doesn’t gain power to challenge you by pinning them against each other to solidify your reign. Remember to always keep one eye on them as they might choose to engage in some treachery behind the Dark Lord’s back. Actually, keep an eye on everyone: one day’s faithful servant may be the next day’s traitor.

In a press release, Undead Fox CEO Alex Stetsiuk says: “We’re thrilled to unveil our labor of love, Dark Lord, soon to debut on Steam. This launch marks a monumental moment for our team. We’ve not only invested countless hours and hard work into this game, but also a piece of our very souls (and that’s not just because it revolves around a dark lord). We eagerly await the moment you immerse yourself in the reigns of your kingdom and experience what it truly means to be a Dark Lord!”

Developed by Undead Fox, Dark Lord will be released for PC via Steam. A release date (or window) has not been announced, but there is a demo available on Steam now.

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