Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is launching for Switch in 2024

It's time to save Gamindustry!

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A screenshot from Neptune: Sister VS Sister. A girl with short pink hair is wearing a white and pink leotard, and has white and pink mechanical wings.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters first launched for PC and PlayStation earlier this year; in his review, Matt writes that the narrative “is a blistering return to form for the series.” Now, the game is set to come to more players as it will be launching for Nintendo Switch in 2024. The Nintendo Switch version has two exclusive playable characters, Maho and Anri. It will also have the Swimsuit DLC previously exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Play as the Goddess Candidates, who are led by Nepgear, after they awaken from a two-year slumber. While they were asleep, Gamindustri was upended by a treacherous threat: the Trendi Phenomenon. The citizens of Gamindustri have started using a device called the rPhone as their main method of communication since they’re unable to leave their homes as monsters are lurking outside. You’ll need to work with friends, both old and new, to prevent the total destruction of Gamindustri.

So why were the Goddess Candidates asleep? The Goddesses were responding to a distress call from the PC Continent while Nepgear and the other Candidates were sent to an abandoned laboratory. There, they find the Ashen Goddess, who traps them in a deep sleep capsule. When they awaken, they learn that Neptune has been missing since her mission to the PC Continent. The Trendi Outbreaks were able to happen due to the absence of the Goddesses and Candidates.

Encounter multiple enemies while making your way around Gamindustri. When fighting them, employ combos and chain attacks together in real-time. The tactical action battle system allows you to take control of the battlefield. You can have three party members out at a time; earn stat increases and elemental bonuses by matching up team members – the stronger the bond, the better the bonus.

The rPhone has a role in all of this, so connect to the Chirper social network to take on side quests and earn special rewards. Along the way, collect fun accessories to customize your party members. Take a picture in Photo Mode and use the new Manga-style features exclusive to the Nintendo Switch release.

Developed by Idea Factory and Compile Heart, and published by Idea Factory International, Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2024. It is also set to release for Xbox Series and Xbox One in 2024. It is currently available for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

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