The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to PlayStation

Described as the Definitive Edition.

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The key art for The Last Case of Benedict Fox.

Last year, gothic mystery Metroidvania The Last Case of Benedict Fox was announced at Not-E3’s Xbox/Bethesda Showcase. It has since been released for PC, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. That console exclusivity must have been timed, though, as it has now been announced that the game will be launching on PlayStation 5; this version is considered the Definitive Edition, the reasons for which are below the PS5 announcement trailer coming up after the game’s description.

In The Last Case of Benedict Fox, step into 1925 Boston as the titular self-proclaimed detective and experience the deep mauve haze, sinister spires, foreboding footpaths, and unnerving reverberations of Limbo. Head into oblivion to uncover the truth behind a family tragedy while also answering to the whims of the demon possessing Fox’s soul. Delve into memories of the dead in a narrative interwoven with combat and puzzles. Explore the realms of life and death in the universe of Limbo, at least as much as your mind can handle, but beware that the case may consume you…

Fox’s bond with his demon allows for him to enter the consciousness of a deceased person, placing him into the aforementioned Limbo. It is a dangerous place with powerful emotions and painful memories. As Fox uncovers more clues, Limbo shifts and danger lurks. In battles with dangerous enemies, use a combination of objects, environmental surroundings, weapons, and traversal abilities to triumph.

At its initial launch, some critics has issues with the game’s slower-paced combat and platforming mechanics. This is where the “Definitive Edition” tag comes into play. This version boasts dramatic improvements when it comes to speed, control, and platforming gameplay. There are also enhancements to the visuals, UI, enemy AI, puzzles, and more. Basically, the took criticism well and wanted to make the best version possible. What I don’t know about the Definitive Edition, however, is whether the PC/Xbox versions will also get these updates.

Developed by Plot Twist Studio and published by Rogue Games, The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition will be released for PlayStation 5 “soon.”

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