Archetype Arcadia will be coming to PC alongside its Western console release

I'd rather not live in this world.

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The next visual novel that PQube is bringing West is Archetype Arcadia, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious and deadly disease called Original Sindrome has wiped out most of humanity. It causes nightmares, manic episodes, and eventually death. The story follows one of the remaining humans. The game was already set to launch in October for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and today it was announced that a PC release will occur on the same day.

The eight-chapter story revolves around Rust and his sister Kirsten. They enter the game Archetype Arcadia, searching for a cure to Original Sindrome. The game is a wearable devices that allows players to use powerful memories and corresponding avatars to fight against the blight. This virtual existence prolongs life, yes, but it also has severe consequences: dark and unexpected events can occur within the game that affects the outside world. There are many choices to make, each leading to different endings… but beware of the Bad Endings!

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Here is Archetype Arcadia’s announcement/release date trailer from June 2023:

Players will be able to see the story’s events unfold through multiple perspectives. Piece together different parts of the bigger picture to decipher whether or not Rust is a reliable narrator, or if he’s mistaken. In the Virtual World, memories become powerful weapons, so it requires experiencing tragic and moving moments to battle onwards. Bosses hold special memory cards which contain the answers Rust seeks, but they’re difficult to defeat.

Developed by Water Phoenix and published by PQube in the West, Archetype Arcadia will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 24.

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