Voxel art railway sim Station to Station launches this October


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The key art for Station to Station.

I get that voxel art is super trendy right now, and normally I’d rebel against the trends… but I’m super into it. It’s retro yet contemporary at the same time. As Britney Spears says, gimme more! Station to Station is a cozy, voxel art railway sim that falls solidly into the trend, but I find it works especially well as a vehicle (ha) for the gameplay. Today, its PC release date was announced as being at the beginning of October.

In the game, players must transform a small rural world into a vibrant, lush environment by placing stations and creating connections to foster growth. Conductors will get on board and travel through a variety of colourful biomes, such as dry desert dans and untamed mountain terrain. The goal is to develop all of it. (Urban sprawl is generally the devil, but this sprawl legit makes the world better, more lush.) As tracks are laid, the tranquil world will spring to life with a tapestry of flora and fauna.

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The below release date trailer features multiple shots of the previously-unseen Wild West biome, one of many environments that will be available when the game launches, as well as new challenges to conquer and additional mechanics to master for anyone wanting more strategic gameplay. (Don’t worry, strategy is optional).

Unwind and distress in a cozy and calming environment, designed specifically to soothe the senses with its soft aesthetics and adaptive soundtrack. There will be multiple levels in addition to a variety of levels. Choose from a full selection of locomotive models. There are five unique industry types, each offering its own buildings and resources. If all that isn’t enough for you, there are optional objectives for those seeking something a bit more challenging.

Developed by Galaxy Grove and published by Prismatika, Station to Station will be released for PC on October 3.

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