Post-apocalyptic game RoadOut to be published by Dangen Entertainment

Life in The Dead Zone sounds difficult.

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The key art/wallpaper for RoadOut.

As part of BitSummit Let’s Go!! 2023, Dangen Entertainment has announced that it will be publishing story-driven post-apocalyptic action-adventure game RoadOut in 2024. That seems far off, but fret not: there’s a demo available for PC now! The game mixes dungeons exploration and racing. mechanics, two things that rarely (if ever) go together. Players will explore a vast work by cat, then battle their way through puzzle-filled dungeons on foot. The game takes inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, Grand Theft Auto, and Rock’n Roll Racing.

Following a great cataclysm, what’s left in this post-post-apocalyptic world is dominated by AI; rebel groups take refuge in a desert areas known as The Dead Zone. The Dead Zone, which is less dead than its name implies, is occupied by three rival factions: The Wasteheads, the SaibaKuran, and Order of the New Code. Play as Claire, a mercenary for hire that has to execute delivery, sabotage, and murder contacts for local leaders. She’ll explore the vast, battered world, work for hire, thrash rival gangs, and participate in (deadly) races for glory. She will also investigate her past, uncovering strange evidence linking her to the origin of AI. The game promises to be a rich story full of surprises, missions, and rip-roaring racing.

The Dead Zone is a large artificial biome created to sustain humanity. Claire will join factions, fight rival gangs, barter items, and take up quests to earn clout – all this while progressing her story. She can exit her ride to explore locations on foot, crushing bandits with short- and long-range attacks, blocking with her shift, and recovering using crafted drugs. She can also craft new moves and weapons in her fight for survival. Claire is customizable with body mods, cybernetics, and an intricate skill tree. Her car can be upgraded to get across different terrain and withstand the effects of weather, night, and day.

Speaking of the car, it’s basically Claire’s best friend against all the dangers in The Dead Zone, where hungry animals want to rip her apart and murderous bandits will rob her lifeless corpse. It’s best to prepare for the worst with the car’s arsenal of weapons. Despite all this, it’s still possible to have fun in red-hot races to be the best on the circuit. There are 10 tracks in multiple biomes and countless races, each both deadly and glorious. Extra game modes include self-destruction derby-style racing and a twisted battle arena.

Developed by Rastrolabs and published by Dangen Entertainment, RoadOut will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One in 2024.

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