A remastered version of Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains will be released soon

Yep, it's *another* remaster.

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The key art for Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains.

I swear, I can’t get through a day without talking about a remastered version of an older title being released! Today, the news is about Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains, the third instalment in the series. The classic pixel art turn-based RPG was first released in 1999. The game features a rich story rooted in Chinese fantasy and real historical events. The original was a success both critically and commercially. The series is actually still going, too, with Xuan-Yuan Sword VII launching in late 2021.

Pepin III has ordered the Frankish Night Septem to seek the Invincible Arts of War; it will be a long journey. Beginning from the canals of Venice the path spans the Middle East, Western regions. Septem is drawn into the intricate power disputes between local powers and the ambitions of Satan. China has enjoyed peace and prosperity under the Tang Empire, Europe is embroiled in the Dark Ages, the Arabian Empire is ascendant, yet the march of progress brings these cultures together. It’s worth noting that from ancient times onwards, Chinese legends have spoken of the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Spirit Fusion Pot, as well as new legends set to rise.

Players can use the Spirit Fusion Pot to capture enemies in battles. Items and monsters can be used to craft a new item or monster from the codex. These items and monsters are from the Eastern or Western altars, which means the resulting item will differ depending on the selected altar.

We’re talking a huge amount of locations to explore, here. The game includes all of Eurasia, covering the Arab World, Francia, and China. The story introduces unique architectural styles, clothing, food and customs, like the canals of Venice, Damascus and the beautiful Chang’an. The story takes place in an era of collision between East and West, and covers a range of historical events includes the Battle of Talas, the Arabian Civil War, and An Lushan Rebillion. Basically, the game integrates factual history with Chinese and Western mythology. That means players will encounter historical enemies, like Merovingian soldiers, the Venetian navy, the Abbasid Caliphate, Tang Soldiers, and Taoists as well as mythical creatures such as centaurs, Medusa, the Black and White Reapoers, and the Xuannü of the Nine Heavens.

Compared to the original game, this remaster does have some changes. This includes 16:9 high-resolution graphics, a UI revamp, controller supper, and China Episode (originally in the mobile version).

Developed by Softstar Entertainment, and published by Gamera Games and Eastasiasoft, Xuan-Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains will be released for PC via Steam on July 26; a Nintendo Switch version is expected later this year.

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