Want a free visual novel? Get Midnight Witch for nothing!

Give yourself some free chills with this one.

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Midnight Witch is a new, totally free visual novel for you to play

Who doesn’t like a freebie? Midnight Witch – the first project by Crimson Moon Studio – has released today, and the developers are giving it away for nothing. There’s no catch with that either. No DLC for characters or costumes. No microtransactions. It’s just a free game to add to your Steam library.

This one looks decent, too. Decent enough that it’s surprising the developers aren’t asking anything for it. The game’s about a group of students at a university who get a new teacher and she is… not what you might expect from a teacher. As the game’s summary goes “Beautiful and charming on the surface, she’s hiding a deeper secret that will swiftly change the lives of the students forever… That charming and beautiful teacher is in fact a powerful witch who wants nothing more than to torment each student.”

Your job is to figure out what the witch’s motivations are, and get the heck out of there alive. The game features a branching narrative with multiple endings, and a soundtrack crafted by “award-winning composers behind the Starcraft II competitive events.” I didn’t know that this was a thing that a music ground could specialise in, but the group’s name is Uchronia, and I assume that means something to some people out there.

The other notable thing is the art, which is really quite decent. Or by that I mean the girls are pretty, and let’s face it, that’s always a winning quality. The game will run you about an hour apparently, and promises a sharp, pacey narrative with plenty of action and danger.

The game does come with a heavy content warning for “disturbing content.” Assuming you’re up for that, though, you can grab the game from its Steam and itch.io pages now.

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  • I just finished it and damn was it amazing! Just one question, does it have any alternate ending besides the classic one?

    • I haven’t played it myself to confirm just yet, but I believe there are multiple endings, yes (at least, that’s what the PR material told me).

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