Epix voxel fairytale Ravenlok launches for PC, Xbox in May

An action-packed fantasy tale.

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The key art for Ravenlok.

Follow a young girl transported into a troubled kingdom in Ravenlok. The game is visually stunning, featuring a voxel aesthetic in the cinematic 3D pixel fairy tale. Ravenlok is set to release next month for PC and Xbox, so the wait for it won’t be too much longer.

Kira’s family inherits a country home from a missing relative. One day, while investigating a dusty barn, Kira stumbles through a mirror and into a magical world of fantasy; its filled with curious characters and menacing monsters. Kira takes on the mantle of Ravenlok, and with a sword and shield she begins an epic journey to save the fallen Realm of Dunia from the grasp of a tyrannical queen.

Kira will travel through enchanted lands, including a lost Labyrinth, a menacing Mask Mansion, and more. She’ll hack and slash through jumping jesters, power dash though sinister shadow birds, and cast a fiery spell to burn down a mechanical eagle. There’s a levelling system that unlocks new abilities, potions to regain health, and an earned arsenal of magic bombs. Kira will need to complete puzzles and quests to assist the world’s charming citizens in restoring the realm to its former glory.

“Growing up in Malaysia, classics by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Studio Ghibli allowed me to open a portal into another world, into a realm of imagination and possibilities,” said Vanessa Chia, Producer and Director at Cococucumber, via a press release. “Through this fable about the fight for a creative life, we hope that the adventures of Ravenlok can bring a sense of escapism and joy to all.”

Developed and published by Cococucumber, Ravenlok will be released for PC vis Windows/Epic, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on May 4. Pre-orders open April 20.


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    • Yeah this looks absolutely amazing to me. My only way to play it will be Game Pass, but I’ll resubscribe for a month to play this for sure.

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