Mika and the Witch’s Mountain delayed; Kickstarter and demo coming soon!

Ghibli-themed games are always worth waiting for.

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Delays aren’t ever fun, we get it! But as frustrating as it may seem in the short term, there’s usually a salient reason behind these dreaded postponements. Mika and the Witch’s Mountain is a charming-looking little thing that you’ll need to wait a little longer for, but it looks like it’ll be worth it.

It is a collaborative effort between Nukefish, a relatively new indie developer studio to the market, and Chibig, who in contrast had made a name for themselves producing chocolate-box mobile titles back in 2016.

While Mika and the Witch’s Mountain was first announced in early February of this year – about nine months ago – the two Spanish studios had set an expectation that in hindsight might have sounded a bit unrealistic, marketing a release by the end of the year, a goal that Chibig and Nukefish today have come to terms with and have now pushed launch day back to “some time in 2023.”

What are we looking forward to with this one? For a start, there’s no combat in this title! You play as Mika, a young aspiring witch who must deliver parcels and packages across her home island to its many dynamic inhabitants. A careful balance of curious exploration and careful transiting of deliveries is essential for a job well done, and with a heavy emphasis placed on narrative storytelling, you can bet on your days being filled with unique interactions and conversations, all orbiting Mika’s own overarching tale of self-discovery and acceptance.

It’s not all bad news though. There will be a demo available from February 6, and the eventual game will be made available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, and Steam for PC. The developers are also going to run a Kickstarter to get the final monies they need to push the end of development, and that’ll give you a chance to voice support for the project ahead of time.

All of this will hopefully be good for the end product, because the ‘Kiki Delivery Service’ inspirations are clear for all to see, and should make for an experience that is too charming, cozy, and wholesome to pass up.

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