A platformer where you control… the platforms?

Ham hams are our jam-jam

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A game where you control the platforms instead of the character? Oh, how the tables have turned!

With the adorable Pompom: The Great Space Rescue, it’s only going to take one quick glance to feel a wave of retro-platformer gaming wash over you, but this game does have a creative soul to it that will, hopefully, surprise and delight.

This upcoming console release is coming to us via PID Games, a game publishing studio known for its commitment to the indie development industry. It’s already available on PC, but this kind of title just screams “play me on console,” which you’ll be able to do on October 25 thanks to the Nintendo Switch release.

Pompom: The Great Space Rescue’s formula is simple enough. You’ll play as Pompom, a hamster protagonist in space who must chase down Space Cat Pirates in the hopes of finding and saving Hoshi, your owner. While a platforming hamster might be its own neat and cute concept, there’s a bit more to it! You’ll have to dynamically build bridges, place springs, prune vines, and more! Pretty clever for a hamster if you ask me!

SNES-style graphics and vibrant and varying environment designs are nothing new, but a game in which you control the platforms you jump on, is a much less common spin on the formula. As much as we love platformers, it is a genre that doesn’t always see creative ambition, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that Pompom can do some fascinating things.

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