XSEED Games brings Trinity Trigger west next year

Boyfriend Dungeon without the dating.

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The key art for Trinity Trigger.

Trinity Trigger is being published by FuRyu in Japan in two weeks, but until now there’s been no confirmation that the action RPG would be coming west. XSEED Games has announced that it will be bringing Trinity Trigger west in “early” 2023.

The game is designed to look and feel like an iconic ’90s game and focuses on fast-paced, customizable combat. Control three young heroes as they try to defy fate and have an entire continent. Travelling with them are the Triggers, strange creatures who can transform into weapons that players must master. It sounds an awful lot like Boyfriend Dungeon to me…

The plot synopsis is a bit complicated, so I’d like to share it word-for-word from the publisher: “In a forgotten age, the Gods of Order and Gods of Chaos challenged one another for dominance in epic clashes that spilled out from the heavens to the continent of Trinitia. These clashes almost destroyed the mortal realm, leaving massive, powerful weapons known as Arma embedded in the ground. The gods ended their direct conflict as a result, with both factions choosing a ‘God Warrior’ to fight in their name instead. One day, Cyan, a young man living a quiet life, discovers that he has been chosen as the ‘Warrior of Chaos.’ Saddled with a cruel destiny, Cyan sets out with Elise and Zantis, two companions compelled to guide him, on a journey to save the world… and defy the gods.”

Go at it alone with with friends via local co-op. Solve puzzles, reveal hidden passages, uncover secrets, and defeat enemies. In battle, there is a Weapon Wheel to easily change between the eight weapons at any point in time.

Part of the reason to get excited over Trinity Trigger is that it’s got some stellar developers behind it, including worldbuilding artist Yuki Nobuteru (Secret of Mana), character designer Raita Kazama (Xenoblade), scenario writer Yura Kubota (Octopath Traveler), and composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana)

Developed by Three Rings and published by XSEED Games, Trinity Trigger will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe; it is slated to launch in early 2023. The Japanese version will be released on September 15.


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