The card-based JRPG, Voice Of Cards, is back for more!

This ain't no poker.

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The Voice of Cards has really carved out a niche for itself by offering players an incredibly JRPG experience told entirely by cards. The previous two games, The Isle Dragon Roars, and The Forsaken Maiden, were released in October 2021 anFd February 2022 respectively, and, this new one looks set to be much the same, which is exactly what we want.

Voice of Cards: The Beast of Burden, developed and published by Square Enix is set to release on the Switch, PS4, and Steam for PC in just under a fortnight on September 13, and as with the previous two will be standalone, with an all-new narrative and set of characters.

While the developers have been absolutely pumping these out, they’re also building on them and constantly looking for ways to do new things. This third release will feature a new, Pokemon-like ability for example, allowing players to trap the monsters they face in battle and utilise them in future conflicts.

It’s a fairly safe assumption to make that Beasts of Burden’s foundation will a solid continuation of its predecessors’ legacy in offering the right kind of melancholic storytelling.


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