Penko Park – A “hidden gem” Pokémon Snap clone – is coming to Switch

A Nightmare Before Pokémon Snap.

1 min read Says Penko Park Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Penko Park is what happens when you take a Tim Burton nightmare, and mash it with Pokémon Snap. The game has become something of a cult hit “hidden gem” on Steam, where it released back in 2020, but now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

I’ve got to say, the Switch is a much better platform for a Pokémon Snap clone.

The Switch version will include the DLC expansion that got launched for the original game, which adds a new region to explore as well as 40 more monsters to snap.

As you’ll see in the trailer, Penko Park is almost slavishly devoted to Pokémon Snap. It’s an on-rails “shooter” where you need to encourage the weird and vaguely horrific Penko monsters to make great poses for you, so you can snap away for a maximum score.

The game only got 260 user reviews on Steam, and not a single review of Metacritic (it’s probably for the best that the developer saw the wisdom of engaging with a PR for the Switch release). Of those 260 reviews, however, 99 per cent of them are positive, and if you read the reader reviews, they are flattering.

The good news is that you won’t have to wait long for the Switch release. It lands on September 27.


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