Deathverse: Let it Die is being delayed after beta testing

It takes time to get death right.

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Let It Die Delayed

Whether you’re up to date with the Let it Die lore or not, the upcoming release of a new free melee fighting game for PS4 and PS5 might be enough to pique your interest.

It’s not all good news, however!

Shuji Ishikawa, producer of Supertrick Games, the development team behind Deathverse: Let it Die and a subsidiary of GungHo Online Entertainment, has released a post on PlayStation Blog outlining progress in development, acquired feedback, and offered a brief explanation for the game’s postponed release date.

According to Ishikawa, the Deathverse: Let it Die, which was once planned to be publicly available in (northern hemisphere) Spring of this year now won’t see a full release until Autumn, and he cited the game’s beta testing, openly available on May 28 and June 5, as the reason.

“Since our announcement on PlayStation’s State of Play last year, we received lots of great comments from our community. On May 28 and June 5, we also had an open beta test called Limited-Time Open Beta: Destroy the Server! Players from all over the world participated, and the test ended with great success thanks to all of you. Our game was originally announced for Spring 2022, but due to the results from the open beta, the game’s release was postponed.”

This is the majority of what’s been said regarding the delay. Most of the rest of the article is about the development team’s ‘wild’ new ideas and concepts for items, combat mechanics, and more, as a sort of cushioning to fans’ impending disappointment for the delay. However disappointing this news might be, the silver lining is, of course, that the end product will be a highly polished full release, taking in feedback from players during the betas well to heart.

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