Bear and Breakfast officially coming to Switch in September

I could no longer bear the wait!

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This promotional image for Bear and Breakfast shows a cozy cabin in the woods with the game's logo to the left.

The last time I wrote about adventure game/management sim Bear and Breakfast, it was about the unfortunate news that the Nintendo Switch version was being delayed. I was very excited for the game as it was shown off at not-E3 (one of many bear-based titles featured) but always pictured playing it via console. The game launched for PC via Steam at the end of July, but I know I’m not alone in patiently waiting for the Nintendo Switch version. Well, the wait wasn’t too bad, and there’s now a launch date set for September.

Bear and Breakfast has players taking over at a well-meaning Bear, Hank. Hank is only a teenager, but when him and his friends find an abandoned shack they turn it into a money-making scheme: run a B&B in the woods! The business expands, but so do the mysteries of the forest. Before long, Hank ends up uncovering a plot described as “deeper than the wilderness itself.”

Players can build and personalize their own inn with dozens of guest rooms, bathrooms, parlours, and entertainment. Each room can be customized from furniture down to fixtures. Guests need to be kept happy to maintain a good reputation, earn money, and attract new customers. Quests and storylines open up new items and perks for the B&B. The woods are filled with interesting folks (sometimes even weirdos) just like Hank. They tend to have opinions, and listening to them may just help build the business.

Game Director Rares Cinteza made a statement through a press release, saying, “We’re very thankful to everyone for being so patient with us and we’re so excited to finally get Hank on a console we’ve loved from day one. We hope everyone has a fun and relaxing time hanging out with the bear on the Switch.”

Developed by Gummy Cat and published by Armor Games Studios, Bear and Breakfast will be released for Nintendo Switch on September 15. On the same day, the PC version will receive gamepad support.


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