Wild Arms 3: PlayStation Plus Deluxe Gems

The greatest tragedy in gaming is that Sony stopped publishing JRPGs.

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Wild Arms 3 Sony PlayStation Plus Deluxe Video

Sony’s PlayStation Plus Deluxe subscription service has a big lineup of blockbusters. It also has some amazing games that won’t catch nearly as much attention that are well worth your time.

This will be an ongoing regular series where we look at some of the gems that sit outside of the “main” PSPlus Deluxe titles that you should absolutely take the time to explore.

First up is one of the greatest and arguably most under-appreciated JRPGs of all time. Wild Arms 3. It’s every bit as good as Final Fantasy X or Dragon Quest VIII. It also reminds us of a time when Sony really knew how to back creative and artful games.

Do you have fond memories of Wild Arms 3? Are you playing it for the first time thanks to Deluxe? Let us know!

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