Wuxia Souls, anyone? Check out this first trailer for Code: To Jin Yong

Try Fingers But Dragon

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We all know wuxia, right? The beautifully elegant form of Chinese martial art cinema (and other forms) that have dance-like, gravity-defying choreographed fights? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and all the rest of them? That’s what Code: To Jin Yong is looking to capture and… well I hate to nosedive into the cliche, but it does very much look like it has Soulslike energy.

Developed by Lightspeed Studios (the developer previously best known for PUBG Mobile), and published by Tencent Games, Code: To Jin Yong is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and the “Jin Yong” in the title refers to a well-known author whose work this game is an adaptation of. It’s going to be an open-world action extravaganza, which would normally have me worried, but hopefully, the developers have played Elden Ring and crib ideas from it.

That’s the extent of what we know about this game so far. The lack of a release date or platforms tells us that it’s still pretty early into development. Still, the flashy, elegant action seen in this trailer should be enough to whet your appetite. I’ve got to say, for a publisher the size of Tencent to allow a trailer that is almost purely unfiltered gameplay go through, at this early stage of development, the company must have some serious faith in the project.

With good reason, too. This is a clearly going to be a game that doesn’t need to be hidden behind marketing artifice.


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