Creature collection RPG Temtem set to leave Early Access for a full launch on consoles, PC

Pokémon fans will want in on this!

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A screenshot from Temtem. A trainer leads their Temtem across a bridge connecting floating islands. The tamer wears a skeleton costume.

A massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure, Temtem has been in Early Access for over two years and it is finally time for a full launch. It’s similar to Pokémon in a lot of ways, but also has it’s own unique features and charm. The game is now nearly ready for its grand entrance into the world: a full launch is set for early September 2022. That’s only three and a half months until we can meet all the adorable Temtem!

In Temtem’s world of floating islands, Temtem and humans live together peacefully. Every kid dreams of being a Temtem trainer. Trainers explore the islands of the Airborne Archipelago, where they discover new species and make new friends. Of course, it can’t be that easy, and the pesky Clan Belsoto with its plot to rule the Archipelago. Players will also have to beat eight Dojo Leaders scattered across the land.

Players begin by choosing eight Temtem, and then the pick and ban phase begins. Take turn with your rival to pick your Temtem and ban theirs. In the end, there will be five Temtem on the squad.

Unlike Pokémon, Temtem offers an online world: players no longer have to travel alone! Tamers can see each other and join each others’ adventures, working together towards goals. Friends can help catch new Temtem, complete Routes, face off against Leaders, and battle against each other in duals.

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There are lots of customisation options. Players can purchase their own house and decorate it as they want with new furniture and wallpaper. The player’s character can also be customised, with different outfit options and the ability to earn cosmetics while battling other tamers; you can even dress as your favourite Temtem! That may actually be my favourite customisation option, just because more cute is never bad.

The full launch overs a handful of new features compared to the Early Access version. The developers will start to release seasonal updates and a Battle pass with free and premium award tracks. The final island will be added, finally completing the world; it will include new activities, new shops, and new areas. Finally, there will be weekly quests.

Developed by Crema and published by Humble Games, Temtem will be released for PC via Steam/Humble, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series on September 6. PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox users can get the game either digitally or physically. Digital pre-orders are now open via PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series; Nintendo Switch pre-orders should be available soon.

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