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List by Matt S.

I’m a big fan of for the freedom and open platform that it allows for developers to be creative, experimental, and directly canvas the audience for feedback for games that are not yet ready for primetime on Steam and its ilk. In addition, allows you to be transgressive, subversive, and downright dangerous. It’s a true “art gallery” for game ideas and creative developers, and it should be celebrated for that.

What makes a little difficult at times is finding things that are interesting to play. Discovery is a real issue when great ideas are buried among high school projects and nasty little efforts to scam a quick buck from players. With that in mind, I thought what might be helpful to readers would be if I did a brief write-up of interesting games that I’ve come across on each week. In many cases these games will be unfinished or “in development,” but I’m highlighting them because they promise something special and are well worth keeping on the radar.

Note: I also haven’t played these games. I highlight them as interesting based on the description and concept. Where I find the time to do actual reviews or other coverage, I will compose separate articles on the game in question. These aren’t so much an endorsement (or piece of criticism) as they are a head’s up.

Naturally, if you want to pick up a couple of the Dee Dee visual novels while you’re there on to support our work here, I would be eternally grateful! There’s a new one that recently came out, Sade!

Dice Gambit

This release is only a “combat demo”, but already I can tell that Disc Gambit is going to be a really intriguing game. It’s a turn-based tactics thing in which you roll dice and allocate the results to your characters to command them to fight, move about, and use abilities. We’ve had similar kinds of things within a card game context before, but the additional randomness from the dice rolling could produce some fascinating results. Especially when you start combining dice for extra powerful effects – the strategic options are potentially infinite.

The game also has a gorgeous and distinctive aesthetic that was inspired by southern Europe, and all of this is all the more impressive when you consider that this demo has been made by three people working part-time for about a year now. Their broader goal is to be able to take this full time, and their ambition for the project includes a non-linear campaign with plenty of settings and characters to follow. So download this and give it a go and, if you find it impressive, consider throwing the developers a couple of dollars so they can push on and perhaps realise the full vision of the game.
It must be the week for turn-based tactics games, as Ronin-Hood Sisters follows on from Dice Gambit, but has a very different take on the genre. Ronin-Hood Sisters is a rogue-like tactics JRPG with magical girls! In school uniforms! Bring this to the Nintendo Switch, STAT!

In the game, you’ll need to combine the four basic elements (earth, water, fire and wind) to create new elements in the environment. Furthermore, you’ll need to find and power up a wide range of different costumes for the girls, as each costume gives the girl a different element and new unique abilities. These costumes can be further customised for additional depth. Finally, the environment itself is fully destructible, and by smashing your way through the city, you’ll be able to find new paths and hidden treasures. All while commanding cute magical girls. What a wonderful concept.

I Became Gay From Translating My New Roomate’s Short Story

I like when a game tells you everything that you need to know about it from the title. I also like when the first line of the description is something like “a mediocre translator burned out by capitalism.” I’m pretty sure I know the person this game is based on (note: that’s a joke I have no idea if this game is based on anyone, but it’s certainly relatable). 

But anyway, I Became Gay… is a yuri visual novel about two people from the… great… city of Chicago. According to the game’s description, it is “the first major project by the Prof. Lily visual novel collective, who aim to tell stories that face our harsh subcultural reality head-on.” In other words I don’t expect that this game will have much chill to it, but it could be profound and provocative, and that would be good too. It’s a decent-length VN, with around 50,000 words, and “sex” is a bullet point, so yay to that. 

Land Battles Tactical

The other three games this week have all been gorgeous in one way or another, so I needed something singularly ugly to balance things out. Land Battles Tactical is going to seem very, very ugly to most people, but to grognards like myself, this brings us right back to the old Matrix Software games and Harpoon Classic! Remember Harpoon Classic? Probably not. But I have fond memories of getting right into this stuff. 

So anyway, Land Battles Tactical is a hardcore turn-based WW2-themed strategy game with little chits that you command around against what we’ve been promised is some “cracking AI.” If you don’t know what a “chit” is, then much like if you don’t know what a “Harpoon Classic” is, this game really isn’t for you. Probably. The game comes with an easy-to-use editor, terrain effects, walls and line-of-sight mechanics. It’s totally free and will still only likely be downloaded two or three times, but 

– Matt S. 
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