Review: Dat Gaem (Nintendo Switch)

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Review by Matt S.

You know what? I was going to give this game the respect of a full review. It’s unmitigated trash, but I firmly believe that everyone’s creative ideas deserve the respect of full and proper criticism. But then I kept playing and this game became too insulting to my intelligence to entertain the idea of giving it any respect in return.

Actually, to say that this game is an “insult” is an understatement. This is what happens when a bunch of manchildren get together and giggle at how edgy and “subversive” they are when they use Internet abbreviations and refuse to capitalise properly in a product that they’ve put on sale as though they are professionals. “Ooooh, we’re so awesome,” you can just hear them giggling at themselves as you play this. “We’re like, totally deconstructing language.”

Likewise, these developers no-doubt thought that they’re being complete geniuses when they, without explanation, change the kind of game that you’re playing (one minute it’s a JRPG and the next it’s a stealth thing, using a completely different ruleset). In theory, all of this is meant to be hilarious and satirical. Except that it’s not funny, at all. 

So. Rather than waste your time any further with a review, just watch my first hour or so of gameplay. It doesn’t get any better than this, I assure you, and on this basis you’ll understand the score.


– Matt S. 
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