Announcing the next Dee Dee visual novel: A Week on the Water

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News by Matt S.

Okay, so it’s time to formally announce the next in the series of Dee Dee visual novels. I am thrilled to say that the next one will be called “A Week on the Water.” As with every visual novel to date, A Week on the Water will be linked to a specific theme and topic. In this instance, it’s a love letter to films of the 80’s!

Here’s a teaser description of the concept and theme of A Week on the Water:  

A Week on the Water is a light and breezy comedy. When you win the holiday of a lifetime – an all-expenses-paid week on a luxury superyacht – you, Dee Dee, and the rest of the group get settled in for a week of sun, pools, bottomless drinks, and pure decadence.

But is 100-feet of boat really going to be enough for personalities as big as Dee Dee and her friends? And just what happens if you all discover that all that relaxing can get a bit… boring?

A first look at an early sketch of one of the new backgrounds for the game!

A Week on the Water features an all-new setting for the action (we haven’t had a superyacht in a Dee Dee game yet!), complete with new backgrounds and locations to explore, as well as new sprites any key scenes from a new artist. There’s also a new gameplay system in place – where with previous visual novels in the series, your responses had a direct impact on the gameplay flow, this time around your behaviour and actions will be reflected by a scoring system – so where in previous Dee Dee VNs you were really encouraged to simply follow a single character’s path each time, this time around you’ll be much freer to spend time with the characters as the mood strikes.

We’re only in the early stages of development right now, so we have a ways to go before release. We’ll continue to share updates as we go along, of course, but hopefully, you’ll find this VN to be the most beautiful and pure good fun of the series to date.
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And just to finish things off, you may have missed Dee Dee’s new design for these games. She is beautiful, isn’t she! 

– Matt S.
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