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Monday, September 28, 2020

Tokyo Game Show 2020: Is Japan's big show irrelevant? (No)

Video by Matt S. 

Another Tokyo Game Show has come and gone, and with that the inevitable conversations about its relevance. It is true that TGS doesn't break the big news (other than Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires on the horizon!), but to suggest that this is the same as the show having lost relevance in comparison to the likes of E3 is to misunderstand what TGS does and achieves.

In this video, I look at some of the areas where TGS continues to be a massive success - in servicing the domestic market and encouraging greater collaboration with the broader Asian market. As a business and community event, TGS remains more relevant than ever!

Check out all our coverage from the event itself, via the links above, and then look forward to plenty of follow-up interviews to come over the next couple of weeks. We have been busy, even though we couldn't be at the event in person for the first time in over half a decade.

- Matt S. 
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Tokyo Game Show 2020: Is Japan's big show irrelevant? (No)
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