Sade: A My Time With Dee Dee visual novel character profile: Aisha

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Character profile by Matt S.

Hello everyone! Last month we announced the development of the next Dee Dee visual novel; it’s called Sade, and it’s going to be (by far) our biggest and most ambitious project to date.

Sade will also feature five characters, including two that we’ve not met in previous VNs yet. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve introduced you to four of them and now it’s time to say hello to the final character: Aisha. Aisha is completely new to the series, so you wouldn’t have met her before. Now you’re about to!


Aisha can be a bit sharp, sarcastic, and abrasive, but she is also fiercely protective of her friends, and she’s a no-nonsense, say-it-as-she-sees it type of girl, which is perhaps why she gets along so well with Lorin in particular.

Unlike the other girls, Aisha’s not particularly invested in the arts. Nor is she overly sporty. Rather, Aisha’s great passion in life is her business. Running a popular fashion boutique in the local mall so young is no small achievement, and Aisha’s already eyeing off opportunities to turn the single store into a small chain. It keeps her very, very busy, but as an added benefit (for the group, anyway), Aisha lets them buy their clothes at cost. Mates rates and all that.

Even to her friends, Aisha’s a little private about her hobbies and interests and… indeed, she very rarely likes to talk about herself at all. She does like a good meal or good drink, though. The “long lunches” is how Aisha gets many of her deals done with her suppliers, and if you’re ever looking for the right wine, beer or spirit to pair with your meal or celebration, then Aisha’s the one with all the good ideas.

If you’re keen on getting to know Aisha before Sade rolls around, consider supporting DDNet on Patreon. Not only will you get the VNs as part of your backing, with even a $1/month pledge… you’ll also get additional insights information, and sneak peeks that only members can access. For example, the regular updates on the Patreon page that are exclusive to backers include art that hasn’t been previously seen.

What’s more, later on this month – in just a couple of weeks – Patreon backers will gain access to a special (and exclusive) “teaser demo” of Sade, which will allow you to play through the first chapter of the full game. There’s plenty of Aisha in that demo!

– Matt S. 
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