Go on the go: The Switch gets an excellent Go tutor!

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Video by Matt S.

Go is the ultimate board game – easy to learn, having been around for however many thousands of years, but almost impossible to master, and so deep that entire libraries have been written about the game and its strategies.

Despite its stature, we haven’t seen Go on the Switch previously – even Nintendo’s 51 Worldwide Games (or Clubhouse Games) didn’t have a version of Go on there.

Thankfully that’s now been fixed with a dedicated Go app. Rather than simply allowing you to play the game, though, Being Stronger While Playing! SilverStar Go DX is designed to help you learn the game, with over 2,500 “quizzes” and tutorials to explain every facet of the game. It’s not perfect thanks to a terrible translation, but it is excellent.

Are you a fan of Go? Let’s chat in the comments! Thank you as always for tuning in.

– Matt S. 
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