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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Carrion: On horror in games

Video by Matt S.

Devolver Digital's latest creative indie thing is Carrion, and it's quite the viscerally stylish little game, with some intense violence and excellent level design.

One thing that is also interesting about the game is the way that it's presented: marketing and PR materials keep calling it a "reverse horror game." It's clearly not (it's just horror), but the way it has been characterised by this raises some interesting thoughts at the way that horror is characterised in video games compared to other mediums.

This video is not a review of the game, but rather a chat about that topic. If you're a fan of horror, jump on and share your thoughts on the different way that horror is treated in games. It's a fascinating conversation :-)!

- Matt S. 
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Carrion: On horror in games
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